David King

I am a psychologist and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, with a PhD in Health Psychology (UBC, 2013). I have been a writer since I was young, and have authored multiple publications in peer-reviewed academic journals in addition to two textbooks. What inspired this blog? To put it simply, I am concerned - about the state of the world, and the future of humanity. This is my attempt to contribute to the personal and public discourse on our human nature and current state. I hope I can apply my training and education in psychology to help elucidate some of our greatest challenges. I am also a big animal lover, and so my concerns extend beyond the well-being of our own species to those with whom we share this planet.

This new year, be humble.

If there’s one new year’s resolution we all need to make, it’s to be more humble. We need to listen more, and speak less. See the strength in modesty. And renounce our egos—or try to. Because the world depends on it. Most of our problems today are driven by what lies opposite to humility: egotism, …

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existential revolution

A Call for Existential Revolution

It is hardly necessary to look for evidence that serious change is needed in the world. Indeed, the idea that we are overdue for a revolution is far from novel. The need for large scale change is substantiated by a variety of global developments, from rising nationalism and xenophobia to unabated environmental destruction. And none …

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Contemplating the Role of Social Media (in our lives, and in society)

What’s in a like? Not much, really—another toggle from 0 and 1; an electronic stamp of approval, existing nowhere real and barely contemplated. It is reactionary. Visible, yes, but hardly tangible. Constructed. Created. Imaginary. But it feels good. And sometimes it even matters. This week, in my Psych Café series at UBC (in which my …

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I’m “Pro-Life” (But Not That Kind of “Pro-Life”)

There’s a lot of discussion underway about the legalities of abortion and women’s right to choose, of which I am a firm supporter. I believe strongly that everyone has the right to make decisions about their own bodies and health, as enshrined in the 1946 Constitution of the World Health Organization—and as we should all …

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