The Search for Meaning, Revised

In consideration of the many things that preoccupy the minds of Homo sapiens, and of those things for which we search endlessly in this world, there is perhaps none greater than the search for meaning. As I contend here, however, the search for meaning is a search for connection in disguise. (And it is a …

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existential revolution

A Call for Existential Revolution

It is hardly necessary to look for evidence that serious change is needed in the world. Indeed, the idea that we are overdue for a revolution is far from novel. The need for large scale change is substantiated by a variety of global developments, from rising nationalism and xenophobia to unabated environmental destruction. And none …

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Many Worlds Between

It seems, after all, that in this one we find ourselves together. There is a theory in quantum physics called the many-worlds interpretation, which postulates the existence of an infinite number of alternate universes, each with a slight variation on past and each with multiple variations on future to come. It is the idea that …

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