Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Warriors in the Storm

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You can not withstand the storm.”The warrior whispers back, “I am the storm.” —Jake Remington To call life the storm would be tempting but not quite right. It is THE WORLD that is the storm; the thing we struggle to navigate; the circumstances that try us, and break us, and …

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This new year, be humble.

If there’s one new year’s resolution we all need to make, it’s to be more humble. We need to listen more, and speak less. See the strength in modesty. And renounce our egos—or try to. Because the world depends on it. Most of our problems today are driven by what lies opposite to humility: egotism, …

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existential revolution

A Call for Existential Revolution

It is hardly necessary to look for evidence that serious change is needed in the world. Indeed, the idea that we are overdue for a revolution is far from novel. The need for large scale change is substantiated by a variety of global developments, from rising nationalism and xenophobia to unabated environmental destruction. And none …

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How to Disable Trumpism: Target the Followers, Not their Leader

Narcissism, egotism, aggression, dishonesty, far-right extremism, and white nationalism (all of which have been collectively referred to as “Trumpism”) are on the rise around the world, influencing average citizens and political leaders alike—and significantly compromising the common good. This is how to stop it… What follows is a slightly revised, late-night train of thought on …

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The Rebellion We All Need

The future is not as I imagined it would be when I was a child. In the seventh grade I submitted a science report entitled Will the Earth Ever End? I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty fascinated with apocalyptic scenarios since I was quite young. My report included everything from environmental collapse to a large-scale alien …

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Get in the Grey

All metaphors aside, a black-and-white thinker I am definitely not. I remain dedicated to the grey, and happily so. Yet I live in a world of black-and-white thinkers, dichromatic dreamers, and the sort. That’s not entirely true of course. By no means am I alone out here in the grey. But let’s face it, there …

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